Unit 8: Engineering Design

This unit gives learners the opportunity to explore the design process and how it is applied within an
engineering context

Specification -Unit 6: Engineering Design

Assessment Crteria - Unit 8


Learning Outcome 1 -Know how the design process operates when dealing with customers

The design process: The Design Process - A PowerPoint Presentation
Product design specification  

Learning Outcome 2 -Know the impact that legislation, standards and environmental and manufacturing constraints can have
on the design function

Legislation and standards  
Environmental and sustainable constraints  
Manufacturing constraints  

Learning Outcome 3 - Be able to prepare design proposals that meet the requirements of a product design specification

Requirements of a PDS  
Prepare design proposals  
Design reference material Materials Database

Learning Outcome 4 - Be able to produce and present a final design solution..

Final design solution:  
Presentation techniques:  




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