Level 2 Unit 7: Maintenance (ENG2U7)

The purpose of this unit is for learners to understand the importance of engineering maintenance, and also to develop the practical ability to carry out the removal and replacement of worn or damaged components. Learners should also be able to recognise the need for routine maintenance by using simple diagnostic techniques and statistical data.

Skills and techniques used in this unit will allow the learner to work with confidence in other units, reflect on past experience, and transfer their skills from one sector to another. This is an important aspect of the unit as many sectors are engaged in maintenance operations and will adopt similar strategies to carry out the work.

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Unit specifcation CPU World - A source of technical information on CPUs
Student unit specification Antec Power Supplies
  OCZ Power Supplies
Assignment 1 Asus Power Supplies
ERNIE Operation Log Intel Motherboards
  Memory Finder
  Hard Disc Reliability
PowerPoint presentation about the content of unit 7 Recording of Military Aircraft Maintaince
HSE Statistics Continuing Airworthiness Information - A list of jobs which must be completed on aeroplanes
HSE Prosecutions Microlight Accident






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