Level 2 Unit 2: Engineering design (ENG2U2)

The purpose of this unit is to you with an understanding of the importance of engineering design. For a chosen product design specification, you will produce a design solution.
Research and investigative skills will be developed throughout the unit and you will be expected to research existing products in order to plan and prepare your design solution. You will check the suitability of a design proposal against the specification and customer design brief in order to generate a number of design solutions.
The use of conventional and computer-based drafting and design techniques to produce working drawings will be covered in this unit. The importance of current engineering standards, projections and symbols will be emphasised throughout the development process. It is important that consideration is given to design constraints linked to materials, components and manufacturing processes in order to identify the best medium for presenting a final design solution.

Links for unit 2

Engineering Design

Student unit specification The Intellectual Property Office, the UK government office for patents etc
Case studies of design briefs and specifications A Search engine for existing patents
  A worldwide search engine for patents
Unit Assignment 2 Brief 7 essential guidelines for functional design
Assessment Criteria Topic 1 Brief The T34 Tank
  Panzer 4 Tank
  Rapid Electronics
  Revolution Education






RC Cars

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