Unit 1 The engineered world (ENG2U1)

The purpose of this unit is to provide learners with a broad knowledge of the Engineering industry and the diverse career opportunities available within it.

Learners will understand work and career opportunities, including training and education. The importance of current legislation concerning Health and Safety and employment is emphasised in this unit.

Links for unit 1

Sectors of engineering

Built Envirnoment

Jan 2009 Level 2 Pre-release material

Energy Generation and Distribution Jan 2009 Exam Questions
Nuclear CEI resources about engineering sectors
  Links to websites of the professional institutions
  Links to information about employment legislation
Oil, Gas, and Chemical Links to sites with information about GPS
Sport and medicine Links to sites about careers in engineering
January 2010 Resources Jan 2010 Level 2 Pre-release material
January 2011 Resources Jan 2011 Level 2 Pre-release material
June 2011 Resources June 2011 Level 2 Pre-release material
  Swot Analysis for teams
  Swot analysis video - how to do it





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