Engine Care and Maintenance

When you are finished racing for the day, drain the fuel tank. Afterwards, energize the glow plug with your glow plug starter and try to restart the engine in order to burn off any fuel that may remain inside the engine. Repeat this procedure until the engine fails to fire. Try to eject residue while the engine is still warm. Finally, inject some corrosion inhibiting oil, and rotate the engine to distribute the oil to all the working parts. Do not, however, inject the oil into the carburetor, for it may cause the o-rings inside to deteriorate. When cleaning the exterior of the engine, use WD40. Do not use gasoline or any solvents that might damage the silicone fuel tubing.


Cleaning the air filter. When the air filter starts to get dirty, do the following steps:

Step 1. Clean the foam with fuel. Do this by pouring a little fuel in a small can and kneading the filter in the fuel. When it looks cleaner, then dispose of the fuel.

Step 2. Dry the filter. Squeeze out the fuel with a paper towel until it's dry.

Step 3. Apply Associated's #7710 Foam Pre-Filter Treatment to help keep the dirt out. Dab the treatment all around the filter, put the filter in a plastic sandwich bag, and knead it until the filter is saturated, but not soaked.





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