Unit 7: Business Operations in Engineering

This unit gives learners an understanding of the major factors that affect the way that engineering companies
operate in competitive business environments. They will also develop skills in costing techniques for
engineering activities.

Specification - Unit 7: Business Operations in Engineering



Learning Outcome 1 -Understand how an engineering company operates

Sectors Code a weld website
Sheffield Forgemasters International
The Welding Institute
Engineering functions  
Organisational types  
Information flow  

Learning Outcome 2 -Understand how external factors and the economic environment can affect the operation of an engineering company

External factors News about defense contracts
News about engineering and construction contracts
Data about unempoyment figures
Economic environment Office for National Statistics
Data on currency exchange rates
Data on historic interest rates
Local enterprise partnerships

Learning Outcome 3 -Know how legislation, regulation and other constraints impact on the operation of engineering businesses

Legislation Data Protection Act PDF
Companies Act 2006 PDF
Employment Law PDF
HSE guide to Ionising radiation
Regulation Employment Equaility (Age) regulations PDF
Working Time Regulations 1998 PDF

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 PDF

Minimum Wage PDF
Website and Email Law PDF
Discrimination PDF
Intellectual Property PDF

Learning Outcome 4 -Be able to apply costing techniques to determine the cost effectiveness of an engineering activity

Costing techniques:  
Make-or-buy decisions:  



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