Unit 5: Mechanical Principles and Applications

This unit gives learners the opportunity to extend their knowledge of mechanical principles and to apply them when solving engineering problems.

Specification - Unit 5: Mechanical Principles and Applications

Assessment Crteria - Unit 5


Learning Outcome 1 -Be able to determine the effects of loading in static engineering systems

Non-concurrent coplanar force systems FreeStudy - Links to tutorials for all aspects of the unit
Codecogs - Links to most aspects for the unit
Simply supported beams  
Loaded components Stress and strain animations
Mechanics of materials - more animations

Learning Outcome 2 - Be able to determine work, power and energy transfer in dynamic engineering systems

Kinetic parameters  
Kinetic principles:  
Dynamics parameters:  
Dynamic principles Principle of the Conservation of Momentum - revision notes for A level Physics

Learning Outcome 3 -Be able to determine the parameters of fluid systems


Learning Outcome 4 - Be able to determine the effects of energy transfer in thermodynamic systems





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