Unit 21: Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques

This unit gives you the opportunity to explore some of the specialist techniques found in engineering that are used to machine or finish complicated shapes.

Specification - Unit 21 Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques

Assessment Crteria - Unit 21


Learning Outcome 1 - Understand how a range of secondary machining techniques are used

Turning - The basics video
Lathe tools - A video about different types of lathe tool
Profile cutting - video
Forming Tool - cutting a radius
Milling: Crash course in basic milling - basic anatomy
Crash course in basic milling -cutting tools
Crash course in milling - work holding
Mill cutting tools
Boring Boring - Wiki
Portable line boring - video
Line boring - video
Boring an engine block - video
Big Boring - video
Grinding Surfac e Grinding - a video demonstrating what a suface grinder does
Gear grinding - how big gears are ground
Camshaft grinding - how a camshaft is ground
Jones and Shipman - videos about all sorts of grinding
How its made optical lenses
Grinding a large optical lense
Presswork How aluminium cans are made

A brief guide to presswork

Bending sheet metal
Presswork - a complete guide
How its made - car doors
Bending thick pieces of metal
Bending long pieces of metal
  Blockbuster Quiz for the whole unit
Health and safety  
Materials Top Trumps materials - test your knowledge of material properties
Countdown quiz for materials
Kinematics Kinematics- Wiki

Learning Outcome 2 - Know how a range of non-traditional techniques are used

Electro discharge Electrical discharge machining - Wiki
How wire EDM Works - Video
How sinker EDM works part 1 - Video
How sinker EDM works part 2 - Video
Broaching Broaching - Wiki
Broaching - The simple way video
Broaching - Multicut Shapes
Internal and External Broaching - Complex shapes
Honing and lapping Honing - Wiki
A Video showing what honing is
Lapping - Wiki
A Video showing what lapping is

Learning Outcome 3 - Know how heat treatment processes and assembly techniques are used

Heat treatment processes for ferrous metals Phase Diagrams - what happens to the structure of steel at different temperatures
Hardening and tempering of steel - old video
Heat treatment for a knive - video
Making a sword - video
Assembly techniques Automated assembly on a car production line
Welding Robot
How spot welding works
Automated PCB assembly
Flow soldering
Dip Soldering

Learning Outcome 4 - Know how finishing techniques are used

Hot processes What is hot dip galvanising
Hot dip galvanising - A video
Powder coating - wiki
Powder coating - A video
Anodising What is anodising?
How to anodise
Plating methods Electroplating - Wiki
Electroplating - Animation
Electroplating - Video
Mechanical Plating - Wiki
Mechanical plating - Video
Electroless nickel plating - Wiki
Electroless nickel - Imagineering explaination




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