Unit 1: Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace

This unit will give learners an understanding of the key features of health and safety legislation and regulations
and how these are applied in engineering to ensure safe working conditions.

Specification - Unit 1: Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace

Assessment Crteria - Unit 1


Learning Outcome 1 -Understand the key features of health and safety legislation and regulations

Key Features

The Health and Safety at work act - a full copy
Essentials of health and safety at work
Attitudes to health and safety - a funny video
Working at height reulations - a brief guide
PPE - a brief guide
Puwer - a brief guide
First aid at work - a brief guide
COSHH - a brief guide
Management of health and safety - a brief guide
HSE Legal Reference - a list of publications available for download from the HSE
PUWER regulations - a full guide
Mamagement of Health and Safety - approved code of practice

Roles and responsibilities


Learning Outcome 2 -Know how to identify and control hazards in the workplace

Within the workplace

Health and Safety in engineering workshops - a guide to what harards exist and how to control them
HSE Annual Statisitics report 2011 - 2012
Reported injuries to employees by occupation
Working with substances hazardous to health - A brief guide to COSHH
Data sheet for solder
Data sheet for Tensol
Consulting employees on health and safety - a brief guide to the law
Bench grinder manual
The five step risk assessment process

Working environment

Radiographic Testing - xrays are used to test components for faults
Lightning conductor engineer - working at heights
Hot processes - a video about an accident caused by welding
Confined space working - a video explaining how to work in small spaces
Working at height - building a skyscraper
Working in space - a repair to the hubble telescope
Working with electricty - a shocking video

Hazards which become risks


Learning Outcome 3 -Be able to carry out a risk assessment, identifying control measures


Learning Outcome 4 - Understand the methods used when reporting and recording accidents and incidents


HSE Data tables - statistics related to health and safety
Riddor - what must be reported
Competent Person - an explanation of what a competent person is

Recording and reporting procedures:

Example Riddor Form






RC Cars










Engineering Diplomas - An Eastbury Resource